About The Christ Bible Conference

The Bible Conference, or CBC, is an independent, Christ centered, Bible based, local and foreign mission outreach. Our purpose is to unify and edify the entire body of Christ, for the work of the ministry; in order to complete the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a non-profit, tax exempt ministry, incorporated in 1994, by the State of NC. In His intercessory prayer, Jesus prayed that we might be one, even as He and the Father are one, John 17:11. The Apostle Paul exhorted Christians to be perfectly joined together both in their mind and judgment, in order to avoid any schism or division within the body, I Corinthians 1:10. In personalities we were intended to be different but in Christ we are to be One. At The Bible Conference it is our endeavor to practice what Jesus prayed and Paul preached. We believe that every church body is both individual and unique.

It has never been, nor will be our agenda to alter, merge or manipulate any congregation. The Bible Conference is made up by people of vision, maturity and courage, from many backgrounds, who have their sights on the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. CBC is simply an opportunity for people to accomplish as a whole what individually we cannot. Through partnership we are now reaching the ends of the world personally and effectively for Christ. To date we have built over fifty-six new church buildings in twelve different third world countries. These include countries in Africa, Asia as well as island nations like Sri Lanka, Haiti and Indonesia. Each of these church facilities is led by indigenous pastors who are trained and equipped through International Bible Conferences. We strongly support the sovereignty of Israel by immigrating a Jew each month back to their homeland. Being on the cutting edge of world evangelism, we have shipped thousands of translated Bibles to Russia, China, Africa, South America and Iraq.

Each month we publish a newsletter plus a Biblical Article for all those who support our ministry. As a single Christian voice, CBC has led the way in petitioning Washington for change that has affected all of us. Over the past fifteen years of ministry, we have published three new books that are now available. "The Waiting Room", a concise booklet on eschatology (end times), "The Church in the Wilderness", a development of spiritual gifts and "The Sermon Series", a collection of new Biblical Articles. Through partnership we provide for the church and individual a unique ministry that is often unavailable or affordable. CBC is supported by people of like faith and vision from different backgrounds, whose objective is to grow the Kingdom of God. Please support this outreach where 100% of all designated gifts reaches its objective. We wish to thank you, for taking time to get acquainted with the ministry of CBC.